Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Repost: Phillies Party 2011

I am reposting this blog post #1 because baseball is awesome and it is one of my favorite posts and #2 Fanatics reached out to me asking if I would be interested in telling a fun baseball story. 

Every year my dad throws a big Phillies party.

He very well might be their biggest fan.

The party is awesome. There are door prizes, trivia prizes, grand prizes. I heart prizes.
This year he rented a wedding tent to hold the event. Legit.

Before we get started I need to clear some things up. We live in SOUTH Jersey, we are fans of Philadelphia Sports teams. We are not from NORTH Jersey (eww), and are not fans of NY teams. K, carry on.
Next year I am demanding a dance floor. The TV and DJ booth.
Phillies Pretzels.Opening Remarks by my dad.
Yep, full uniform and black out under the eyes. Big Fan I tell ya.
National Anthem performed by my superstar cuz.
Grant and Uncle Scotty
First Award of the Night.. Phillies girl of the year.
She went to opening day and made all the signs.
This award was closely followed by my first Phillies Party Award.
"Most Improved Phillies Fan"
I studied my stats this year and don't think I missed a game.
My trophy is proudly displayed in our office.

These 2 are the cutest.
Baby Adalyn
Uncle Frank & Scott
The beer was plentiful
Chewy Louie
Let's score some runs Phils
Ok- these next pictures need some explanation or they are just plain weird.

Let me set the scene: Ryan Howard was up to bat and the Phillies were losing.

My brother Scott: "If Howard goes deep here, I am streaking to Big Pete's (my parents neighbor) house."

Well, Howard went deep. And put the Phillies in the lead.

He left his boxers on, there were children present.
So funny.
I also love my grandmom's face in these pictures.
She was clearly pumped about the homer.
7th Inning Stretch. DJ played "Proud to be an American."
My pretty cousin and her bf.
Prize time
The most coveted award every year is "Fan of the Year"
This title earns you a front row seat at the party in a big cushy recliner and obviously pride.
This year it went to my brother Scott.

The fans reactions
Along with some real prizes, Scott got toilet paper and a plunger. He has toilet clogging issues.
Such a fun night.
Everyone left with a prize.
Some of the good ones this year were coolers, grills, and beer buckets.

I love my crazy family.
Can't wait til next year.

Go Phils!

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  1. hubby boy10/08/2011

    uncle scott's antics put the jinx on big brown to the tune of 2 for 19 in the series and a blown achilles #tradehim

  2. How stinkin' fun is this?? I want to come hangout with your family! :)

  3. How fun is your family!!! I would so become a phillys fan just to hang out!!! This looks like SO much fun!!

  4. Full of fun and love.. Awesome post :)